'Let's get married in front of the stadium'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A couple from sunny Arizona had their dream wedding on Saturday in the drizzle outside of Autzen Stadium.

Most brides dream of a white wedding, while Dee and Dennis Caster's special day was themed yellow and green.

"We were going to get married in Vegas and then my wife said 'you know what... we are going to see the kids (in Eugene). Let's get married in Oregon.' And I said ... 'let's get married in front of the stadium'," said the happy groom, Dennis Caster, shortly after tying the knot.

There was no veil, tuxedos or matching bridesmaids dresses. However friends and family were dressed in their best ducks attire.

At 2:12 p.m. Dee and Dennis Caster were pronounced husband and wife in front of Autzen Stadium.

"Yesterday the world was supposed to end and we didn't want to deal with it. So we thought 12/22/12 at 2:12," said Dee Caster, the blushing bride.

Both of the Caster's grew up in Eugene and have been together for two years.

Despite their move to Arizona, they never let go of their Oregon Duck pride.

Dennis said that no one he told about their wedding plans were surprised to learn the couple would be getting married in front of the stadium.

"They pretty much went 'yeah, that sounds like you and Dee'. We are non traditional," Dennis said.

Dennis said that he is the bigger fan between the two of them.

Their house is covered in Oregon memorabilia, including a duck bar.

He tells KVAL News that he is the luckiest husband in the world.

"I have got autographed jerseys in my living room. There is no other man whose wife would let him do that. Our house is full. It's a shrine to the ducks," Caster said.

As for their honeymoon?

"Yes, we are going to the fiesta bowl!" said Dee.