Lending a helping hand: 'It makes the town more pleasant'

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. -- If you're passing through Cottage Grove you might see a good samaritan on her almost daily trip through the town to pick up litter.

It is hard to miss Jane Rapier in her bright orange safety vest when she walks the parks and roadsides of Cottage Grove. The 74-year-old totes her bucket and grabber tool to make her town a more enjoyable place for everyone to live.

"I started out doing it at a park near our home and that didn't take very long, so I got into picking up things here because it makes the town more pleasant," said Rapier.

Having lived in Cottage Grove 11 years with her husband, Rapier says she wants to put her pent-up energy into making a difference in Cottage Grove.

"I just want to represent the town which is a nice town where people live and people work here" Rapier said.

She told our reporters that leading by example is the best way to show the youth around town how to care for your community. It's her hope that her hard work will motivate others to maintain the town.