LCC board approves budget, reducing college programs

On Wednesday night, the Lane Community College Board of Directors voted to approve the proposed budget. (SBG photos)

EUGENE, Ore. – The Lane Community College budget has been approved. On Wednesday night, The Lane Community College Board of Directors voted six-to-one on a budget that closes the gap of more than $10 million.

A number of programs and faculty positions will be cut at LCC for the next school year.

Board members said they needed to take resources away from classes where enrollment numbers were dwindling.

Some of the programs that will see the biggest cuts are the Honors Program, Respiratory Therapy, Early Childhood Education, Religion and Philosophy, and Workforce Departments. Board Chair, Rosie Pryor, said they had no alternative.

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"The main reason this board approved reducing programs at Lane, is that the resource base we now have no longer supports the scope and scale of this institution," said Pryor. "We had no alternative."

But many students and faculty were not happy with the Board's decision to make program and faculty cuts.

"The way I've been hearing it, it sounds like there's been bodies are refusing to budge from their stances; refusing to make a compromise," future LCC Student Body President, Wilgen S. Brown, said, "and that is not okay.

Both Pryor and Brown said they wish students and faculty were more involved with the decision making process early on.

The board also unanimously approved a tuition increase for the next school year. However, the board said if the school receives more money from the state, that increase could be adjusted.

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