Lane County Sheriff says deputies won't perform immigration arrests

EUGENE, Ore. –Eugene will become another “sanctuary city” in the U.S.

The city council approved the “Protections for Individuals” Ordinance Monday night.

State law prevents the use of city resources to enforce federal immigration law, unless related to a criminal offense.

Council members say the new ordinance ensures if the state law changes, the city code and its protections will remain the same.

Tuesday, the Lane County Sheriff said his deputies won’t perform immigration arrests, now or in the future.

Sheriff Byron Trapp and District Attorney Patty Perlow went to the county board to clarify state law and what they can or can’t do.

Trapp said under state law, local officers can’t arrest someone just for being in the U.S. illegally. The only exception is if someone commits a local crime.

“The reality is in most cases, that's not going to be occurring and we want to ensure that all persons in the community understand that local law enforcement continues to be there for their aid and assistance,” Trapp said.

The sheriff raised the issue in light of the revised immigration order handed down earlier this month by President Donald Trump.

A state law passed in 1987 prohibits Oregon police officers, including local law enforcement from acting as immigration enforcement officers.