Landslide destroys Corvallis home

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Residents near Rosewood Drive have returned home after last week's storm forced the evacuation of more than 20 residents.

Now that the flood waters have receded, neighbors are getting a first glimpse of the damage left behind.

On a slope where water rushes and soil sags, a home is now a hazard.

"What you see is just the right slope angle and aspect and Mother Nature brings us gravity," said Mary King of Benton County Emergency Services.

Benton County officials said that at the height of last week's storm, saturated soil led to a landslide just off of Rosewood Drive damaging one home. No one was injured, but county officials told KVAL that the home is likely to be a total loss after the slide.

"The rain trickled right through to the water table and what that creates is an underground river," said King. "All the soil just sloshed right off."

But some neighbors say they're concerned there may be something else at play.

Several Rosewood Drive residents told KVAL that the local drainage system is overwhelmed by rain and melted snow and that the excess water is being funneled onto the hillside.

One neighbor said he's worried his property could be next as the ground begins to creep away from the foundation of his shed.

In regards to more rain, King said Benton County residents may not be out of the woods yet.

"What we're expecting is another three quarters to another inch and a half of rain," said King. "That's a lot of water. We're going to see the rivers come right back up. They just receded below flood stage, so get ready to get wet again."