Landslide closes Stagecoach Road east of Mapleton

MAPLETON, Ore. -- A landslide covered a road near Mapleton with debris Saturday, and crews are working to clear several large rocks, trees, and power lines by Monday.

The Lane County Sheriff's Office said Stagecoach Road, a secondary road that cuts between Highway 36 and Highway 126, is blocked near milepost 9.

Officials said the slide covered the roadway with trees and rocks, also knocking down power lines in the area.

Sgt. Carrie Carver told our news team there are no reports of injuries.

The Sheriff's Office said drivers should expect the road to remain closed through the weekend.

Part of Stagecoach Road washed out in late 2011. Crews set up detours on Highway 36 for local residents to navigate the collapsed strech of road.