Labor Day: Some off work, others without a job

EUGENE, Ore. - Hundreds of families took to the water at Fern Ridge Lake on Labor Day for a day of fun.

Some residents spent the Monday afternoon kayaking near Peninsula Park.

"It was a beautiful day to be out there on the lake," said Cari Garrigus, a Eugene resident enjoying her day off.

Other families enjoyed a picnic near the swimming hole.

James Torrez of Eugene brought out wife and three kids for a day of quality family time at the lake.

"It feels good," Torrez said. "I don't have to report to a boss, it feels pretty good."

But among those out at Fern Ridge Lake is 58-year-old Hector Honorato and his family.

Unlike most patron on the lake trying to escape work, Honorato's only dream is to get back to it.

"I worked for a company around 11 years," Honorato said. "But due to the financial problems we had, they laid me off."

Honorato found work with a temp agency,.but he's still struggling to get by.

The 58 -ear-old father feels his age isn't helping his chances of finding another decent job as an accountant.

"When we compare with the other people, of course the young people are more prepared and know technology," Honorato said.

Honorato said has enrolled in Lane Community College this fall.

Through a degree, he is hoping it gets him closer to that dream job.

"My hope is that next year will be better for me," Honorato said. "Better for my family, for everybody, and even for the country."

The Labor Day holiday actually originated here in the state of Oregon in 1887.