Kyron Horman's stepmother appears at divorce hearing, still says nothing

PORTLAND, Ore. - Kyron Horman's stepmother, Terri Horman, showed up for a divorce hearing Thursday from Kyron's father, Kaine.

It was the first time she's been to divorce court in three years but she's still not talking.

The divorce case may be the only way Kaine ever learns whether Terri had a hand in Kyron's disappearance. It's a case that should have been resolved by now, but it has turned into a battle of information about Kyron's disappearance.

Thursday morning's hearing was called because Kaine Horman asked the judge to force Terri to turn over financial documents and social media posts from June 4, 2010, the day Kyron disappeared, until now.

The judge also told Terri she has to show up to a deposition with Kaine's attorneys but she doesn't have to answer any questions.

This is one option Kaine Horman has resorted to in trying to learn what Terri knows about Kyron's disappearance. She's used her 5th Amendment rights when police questioned her in the past and she's never been charged or called a person of interest.

"From Terry's perspective, she's saying look, I've had these allegations leveled against me by Kaine, both in court and in the public, and yet I've never had a chance to challenge the underlying facts behind his affidavits," said legal expert Bruce McCain.

Terri wants the divorce judge to allow a deposition with the lead prosecutor in the criminal case in the search for Kyron. This would force the district attorney's office to put up the information it has but, perhaps more importantly, what it doesn't have about Terri's alleged involvement.

"She's calling the DA's bluff saying look, you guys are making these unsubstantiated statements in these affidavits that we don't have a chance to verify or vet or question," said McCain. "And they're saying that's inherently unfair to her."

Kaine filed for divorce from Terri soon after Kyron's disappearance in part because police told Kaine she had tried to hire a landscaper to hill him. She has also never been charged for that, but it's part of Kaine's claim that she's an unfit mother to their 4-year-old daughter.

McCain said if Terri Horman is forced to testify in the divorce hearing, she would basically be testifying against herself in the criminal case where she's already used her 5th Amendment rights. That means anything she tells Kaine's attorneys about Kyron's disappearance could not be used against her in the criminal case if what she knows could help solve it.