'Killing people is forbidden, and so those that do it violate Islam'

EUGENE, Ore. - The attack on the United States Embassy in Libya is said to be motivated by a controversial movie portraying the prophet Muhammad in a negative way.

A mob of protesters stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, killing the Ambassador and three other Americans.

KVAL News spoke with a local business owner who practices the Muslim religion. Ibrahim Hamide said he's not surprised about the reaction to the movie - but also said the people who attacked the consulate and killed people are murderers.

Hamide said the Muslim religion is often misunderstood. "Islam has nuts just like any other religion and they are not the majority."

Hamide said attacks like Sept. 11, 2001, and the most recent one in Libya make people around the world fearful of Muslims.

"Killing people is forbidden, and so those that do it violate Islam," he said. "They are ones that need help. They need to understand their own religion better."

The controversial movie was made in the United States. The film depicts the prophet Muhammad as a womanizer, a pedophile and someone who encourages killing.

"What good is it to insult someone's faith? I would like to ask that question," Hamide said. "Was it a debate where you were bringing facts out or allegations for your own agenda?"

Hamide encouraged everyone to think about before groups of any religion tear the fabric of society and divide a world that he said needs to come together more than ever.