Kids enjoy both outdoor and indoor trick or treating

EUGENE, Ore. - Kids throughout the Eugene area welcomed a relatively dry night for trick or treating Wednesday night.

Several kids that were dressed in both scary and fun costumes hit a north Eugene neighborhood near Gilham road right around dusk.

The trick or treaters were eager to show off their new giddups and collect bags full of candy.

"It's really fun to see all their costumes," said Anya Maruschak, a trick or treater in the neighborhood. "It's like everyone has a different costume."

While some families enjoyed trick or treating in their neighborhood, other families made their way to Valley River Center for some indoor trick or treating.

Employees at several retail stores within the mall dressed up and handed out candy outside their stores.

"I think we have like 3,000 pieces or something like that to hand out," said Jenness Howery, an employee of Build-A-Bear in the mall.

Though Howery may pass out more than a thousand pieces of candy, she said the thrill of Halloween never gets old.

"I enjoy seeing everybody together and it's fun to have a big crowd in front of you and passing out tons of candy," Howery said. "It's better than doing it at home for sure."

Families who participated said it's a great opportunity for families to indulge in some Halloween fun while staying safe at the same time.

"It's a safe family environment," said Nathan Ellertson, a parent from Fall Creek.

Other folks added it's one of the best places to pack up some of the best candy as well.

"Just enough to help rot her teeth a little bit more," said Pearl Hergert, a grandparent from Eugene.

Retaliers at Valley River Center said they had more kids come through this year than last year.

Some retail stores even ran out of candy within the first hour of the event.