Kids accuse middle school teacher of bullying students in class

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Students say their middle school teacher bullies students, opening class recently by saying "let's see how mean I can be today."

The South Lane School District decline to comment, saying it does not talk about personnel issue.

The principal at Lincoln Middle School was in meetings all day Wednesday, according to the receptionist.

KVAL News talked to two students and their parents about their allegations.

"There are students talking about it because they still know that it was a bad thing that he did," said Kira Appelloff.

Kira and classmate Zaelin Bull say their teacher has been mean to students in the past,including Zaelin.

"Well mine wasn't fully finished and he just left a little note. he didn't grade it," he said of incomplete homework assignments.

But the pupils say what recently happened to Zaelin over an incomplete assignment was different.

Zaelin says the teacher read his writing to the class, calling it "garbage."

Kira says the teacher asked if Zaelin was embarassed - and then said "you should be."

"He slid down the wall as he started to read it and then he sat down and wrapped his arms around his knees on the floor and so that no one could see him," Kira said.

Zaelin said it made him feel like he should be embarrassed.

"It's the teacher above the students even if you have multiple students saying the exact same thing," said Angie Bull. She doesn't expect administrators to take action. "It doesn't matter, he's gonna protect is teacher."

KVAL News found a school blog post from 2009 praising the teacher as caring.

Angie hasn't sent her son Zaelin back to class for 2 days.

Kira returned to school - and her mom says she's since been bullied.

"He addresses class again today," Cirila Appellof said Wednesday, "and said lets see how mean I can be."