'It's very special': Baby born on 12-12-12

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Megan Thompson said she didn't plan on having a baby on such a unique day. But that's exactly what happened.

"I was supposed to be induced on Friday so I was like if he comes he comes. He pretty much chose that he wanted to be born today," she said.

At 7:56 Wednesday morning, little Hayden Owen Brooks entered the world on what is considered by many to be a lucky date, 12/12/12.

The next time a date like this one rolls around will be in a little less than a century from now.

"I feel like it is, it's a very special day, it won't happen again for a very long time," said Thompson.

She and Hayden's father Brian Brooks both of Cottage Grove, said the original due date was the 10th, so when Megan started having contractions she didn't know at first if it was labor.

"I had waited a while at home before I came here 'cause I was trying to put it off like it was Braxton Hicks or something," she said.

And for letting Hayden know about his unique birthday, they said when he's old enough they'll make sure he knows how special it is.

"When he gets old enough to understand, I'll tell him and, you know, you chose to come on this day," she said. "It won't happen again for a very long time. He'll probably think it's very special."