'It's too soon. She had a great life ahead of her'

WINCHESTER BAY, Ore. - Sheriff's deputies knocked on Jenny Frost's door Monday to notify her that her granddaughter Jenny Gamez was dead, her body found inside a suitcase in the tall grass along the side of a road in Wisconsin.

"I still can't get a grip on it, you know, that this has happened to her. I can't understand it, some maniac would do something like this to her," Frost said. "Nobody has that right! And it's too soon. She had a great life ahead of her.

Frost said Jenny had a very difficult life, temporarily living in foster care homes in Oakridge and Cottage Grove.

But she said she seemed to always overcome her challenges.

Frost said Jenny told her she was leaving Lane County with a friend to travel the country. That was the last time she heard from her.

"She said she was just going to go travel with a friend from Springfield," Frost said, "and then the next thing I know is that the sheriff is here at my home telling me that my granddaughter was murdered."

Frost said Jenny had hoped to attend either Oregon State or the University of Oregon when she returned.

Jenny leaves behind a seven year old son.

"How are you going to tell her little boy, how are you going to explain this to that little child."

Frost says no one is perfect.

"Nobody in this world is perfect. We all make mistakes. We try to correct them and go on with life and do the best we can."