'It's heartless': Burglars steal Wash. family's Christmas

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Debra and her son Kavin are scared to sleep at home tonight, but they're going to try. It's been a couple days since burglars busted through the lock on the front door and stole just about everything that meant anything to the mother and son.

"Every single piece of paper they touched. It's just weird, all my clothes. Every drawer was undone. It's scary," Debra said.

She owns a small business and says money has been tight this year, so this was a blow she wasn't prepared to take. Thanks to friends, she's hopeful she'll be able to give her son some of the Christmas she'd saved up for. But she doesn't know how she'll be able to give him back that feeling of safety in his own home.

Debra told KATU's Emily Sinovic, "I'm not just a victim but my son is too. He's 13 and he's not going to feel safe in his home anymore. He's going to think about that for the rest of his life. I'm going to try to keep him safe but it's going to affect him and it's not right. They took all his presents. It's just mean and heartless."

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