'It's amazing': Unknown man's gesture touches community mourning children killed by pickup

Unknown man planting flowers at memorial site for the three children killed by a driver. (Photo Courtesy: Miranda Nickeson)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Every time Miranda Nickeson drives by the memorial on Main Stree to three children killed by a driver who ran a red light, she takes a picture and sends it to her close friend, the children's aunt.

"This is something I do for her all the time is come out here and send her pictures and visit for her because she doesn't live in state anymore," Nickeson said.

Nickeson was in the area to snap another picture when she noticed something different about Main Street.

"I came by yesterday morning and there was nothing there," Nickeson said.

The memorial had been boxed up and left on the side of the road in Springfield.

The children's mother picked up the boxes and took them home.

Nickeson said she lost faith in humanity when she heard about the memorial being boxed up and left on the side of the road.

"Yeah there are some messed up ones out there that knock 'em down," Nickeson said. "It hurt me when I heard about that."

She said she was disappointed that she couldn't send another picture to the children's aunt.

But Nickeson came back to the area Thursday night to take her friend to the bank - and started taking pictures of a man planting flowers where the memorial used to be.

"It's amazing," Nickeson said. "It's kind-hearted, I sent the pictures to my friend, which is their aunt, Stephanie and she was driving at the time and she started bawling."

A kind-hearted act by a complete stranger restored Nickeson's faith in humanity along with giving the children's aunt another picture with a story to tell.

Nickeson said she believes the dozen bouquets at the memorial were all planted by the unknown man.

KVAL was not able to locate that man, and Nickeson said she is still searching for him to personally thank him.

City of Springfield's Niel Laudati said a permanent memorial honoring the children will be built late August or early September.

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