'It was such a relief when they got it off of me'

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LEBANON, Ore. - Jeff Smith's foot slipped off the tractor clutch. A moment later, he had a 3,000 pound tractor on his chest, pinning him to his garden.

"He screamed again and he says 'God help me, save me,'" Haylee Smith recalled.

Haylee and her sister Hannah had planned to walk up the street . Then they heard their father's screams.

Hannah called 911, but the sisters quickly realized they were running out of time.

The tractor came to rest with the steering wheel against their father's chest. The weight of the tractor bent the metal hoop.

"I said lift it, and I don't even know why," Haylee said, "because I knew I wasn't going to be able to lift it - but that was the only thing else I could do."

So they did it.

"We would lift it up just a little tiny bit, like half an inch," Hannah recalled. "He could get a breath, and you could hear him taking a deep breath."

"It was such a relief when they got it off of me," Jeff Smith said. "I was so thankful that, I mean, they saved my life. I have no doubt about that."

The girls lifted the tractor enough for Jeff to wiggle it off his chest.

A neighbor arrived and used another tractor to set Jeff free.

He has a broken wrist and compression wounds on his arm.

"I won't be getting back on the tractor for a little while," Jeff said. "I have to do some modifications before I feel safe again."