iPhone Friday: Customers react to new models on store shelves

EUGENE, Ore. - While lines formed for the latest IPhone 5s and 5c releases in some cities across the country, people in the Eugene/Springfield area didn't find it as necessary to wait for the doors to open.

At the Best Buy in Springfield, Matthew Lainheart said that the immediate rush on the IPhone was slower for this release than it had been for the debut of past models. He believes it has something to do with the smart phone market on a whole.

"There's a lot of competition from the android and even the windows phone as well," Lainheart said.

The Apple diehard fans were still excited that the long awaited 5s and 5c were released.

Katie Pluker made sure her husband wasn't the only one getting a new toy.

"I don't want him to have all the new stuff, I want to be able to have it too," Pluker told our news team shortly after picking up the latest IPhone model.

As for the difference between the latest IPhone model and other IPhone, customers couldn't stop talking about the new fingerprint identity sensor and the upgraded camera. The IPhone 5c has a hard plastic body and is available in bold new colors, ranging from space gray to pink.

"Gold's the hot item right now ... and the least available," said Lainheart.

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