Inventor might have a hit bike accessory on his hands

Matt Richardon has touched a nerve with his new invention.

"It has gotten so much more attention than I ever could have expected," he said. "I've been getting tons of views, tons of feedback and lots of great ideas on how people would use it."

Richardson invented a new kind of bicycle accessory.

"I call it the Dynamic Bike Headlight," Richardson said.

It's a way to project details of your bike ride onto the roadway in front of you.

He basically combined a computer, projector, speedometer and a light in one compact setup. He used a $35 computer called a "Raspberry Pi" that people can use in all kinds of different projects.

"In the future I want to combine it all into one piece and mount it on the front where the projector is," said Richardson.

The prototype still gets the job done.

"We brought it onto the street and immediately people were asking about it and looking at it, which was pretty cool."

While interest is high, getting one for your bike isn't so easy.

"It's really meant to be a project you can build yourself," Richardson said. "It's really not meant to be a product right now."

Richardson's website offers tech junkies some help with getting their own project started, but he said the popularity of the project may push him further.

"Maybe down the line this will be something that could turn into a product or a kit that anyone could add to their bike."