In wake of woman's murder, friends raise money to care for her horse

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Casey Wright called off her engagement to Robert Cromwell 3 weeks ago, her friends say.

Now the 26-year-old is dead, and Cromwell stands accused of her murder. An autopsy found she died from blunt force trauma to the head, Springfield Police said.

Wright's death has left her friends looking for answers and ways to help.

Wright was an accomplished equestrian, and her horse Duncan recently underwent surgery. Her friends launched a campaign to raise money to pay for the horse's surgery and care.

The fundraising campaign also aims to raise money for Womenspace, a local organization that helps the victims of domestic violence.

Friends of Wright told KVAL News she ended plans to marry Cromwell due to his sometimes verbally and emotionally violent behavior.

A close friend of Wright said the two got engaged last December. She described Cromwell as controlling, jealous and possessive. The friend said Wright had been happier in the weeks since breaking off the engagement.

Peggy Whalen with Womenspace said domestic abuse isn't limited to physical violence. Abuse can be psychological, sexual, spiritual or emotional.

According to a 2009 application for a restraining order filed against Cromwell by a different woman, he went "on a rampage, damaging my children's and my belongings. Yelling, screaming, calling me names in front of my children, damaging my home. Threatend my life. He shoved me and almost broke my wrist."

The restraining order was later dismissed by a court.