In and out of jail ... again: Man released twice in 4 days

EUGENE, Ore. -- The man arrested and released in connection with vandalism to a non-profit thrift store was released again from the Lane County Jail Wednesday, according to the jail logs.

Samuel James Vannoy, 23, was arrested Sunday, released Monday and then sent back to jail Tuesday, accused of harassment and disorderly conduct on the University of Oregon campus.

During that arrest the suspect, Samuel Vannoy yelled "I'll see you guys in an hour!"

While he didn't live up to this statement, Vannoy was back on the streets of Eugene Wednesday afternoon after a judge granted his release.

According to the Lane County Sheriff's Office, 17 of the nearly 400 inmates released early due to a lack of jail beds have returned to the Lane County jail with new charges.

Sgt. Carrie Carver with the Lane County Sheriff's Office said that the number of returning inmates is higher than they had originally anticipated, which is costing the taxpayers.

"It is definitely more expensive to re-arrest them several times over." said Carver, referencing the returned criminals. "We need to secure a more sustainable funding source ... and are continuing to look at the best way to do that."

Carver said that LCSO's ultimate goal is of proving to people like Vannoy that they won't be let out of jail in an hour after they walk in the door.