'I'm not asking for a hand out, I want a hand up'

EUGENE, Ore. -- The job market has been competitive since the 2008 recession.

After seven months of unemployment, one University of Oregon grad is going the extra mile to get his resume noticed.

Doug Wedul plastered his decades of work experience on a neon orange sign, which he's been waving at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and Coburg Road for the past two days.

"I think people think that it's odd, it's unique. I mean you don't really see anybody out here with a sign saying hire me. Everybody's just out here asking for money," said Wedul.

"I want to work. I want to pay my way through, you know. I'm not about asking for money. I'm a little bit too proud to do that. I just don't want to do that, I want a job. I'm not asking for a hand out, I want a hand up," said Wedul.

Wedul decided to go into business for himself in marketing. After a few years, he decided to sell his business to return to construction & sales. He said that didn't pan out.

"I think it's probably picking up a bit from the crash in '08, but it's still tight and it's still really competitive," Wedul said of the construction job market.

Since he took his job hunt to the streets, he says he's had a couple offers come in. While the offers were temporary, Wedul said he'll keep pounding the pavement until he gets more permanent work.

"I'm doing it all. I'm on the computer, Oregon employment office and this is going great so far, so I'm going to keep doing this out here too!" said Wedul.