'I'm looking for work. At the same time it's nice to have a good sleep'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Frank Haller has been adapting to living on the streets of Springfield since he lost his job.

"It's very difficult, you know, especially with the cold temperatures. And you're always looking over your shoulder," said Haller. "I'd rather be arrested by a cop for trespassing than two or three guys coming up and taking my stuff and getting beat."

Now that's one less thing Frank will have to worry about. On Saturday he moved into a new Conestoga hut built by Springfield's Shelter-Rights Alliance. Frank joined a group of about 20 volunteers Saturday in building his new shelter.

The huts aren't much bigger than a large tent, and only take a couple of hours to build. But as Shelter-Rights volunteer Shelley Corteville said, it's a big deal to have a roof over your head.

"To put somebody in these Conestoga huts, it helps give them some safety, it helps also to give them a feeling of stability and community," said Corteville. "Just having that step up can move 'em forward."

That's exactly where Frank hopes to go, now that he has a stable place to spend the night.

"I'm putting out my resumes, I'm looking for work. At the same time it's nice to have a good sleep," said Frank.

Haller's hut was finished Saturday evening, built with materials donated through the Springfield Shelter-Rights Alliance.