'I'll still be out in the rain, but I enjoy the sun more!'

EUGENE, Ore. - September should normally be sweatshirt weather in Rhea Cramer's world.

"Instead we're in shorts and at the park," she said, "and loving it."

She's not the only one.

"We're just out enjoying the water and the sun for a couple more days before the summer is over," said Rachel Eliasen.

"No complaints at all," said Rick Usdeom. "The hotter the better."

Unless you are inside on your first day back at school.

"It's something we battle with every year," said Juan Cuadros, principal at Buena Vista School in Eugene. "During the winter, it gets really cold, and during the summer months it gets really, really hot."

The school is one of many in the area without air conditioning.

"We're keeping kids hydrated, making sure that they drink water," Cuadros said. "We're running fans, opening doors and windows."

But with fall just around the corner, summer's last hurrah has plenty of fans.

"I'll still be out in the rain," Dan Campbell said, "but I enjoy the sun more!"