'If this is spring, I want to see what winter is!'

EUGENE, Ore. - You knew it was going to be a strange day, when we found a bent over tree, along Bent Tree Lane.

"If this is spring, I want to see what winter is," quipped south Eugene resident, Vincent Derschon.

The record- and tree-breaking snowstorm prompted all kinds of reactions, from irritation to elation.

But Eugene and Springfield residents showed Wednesday that spirit of spring can still emerge from 7 inches of snow.

All over Eugene, crews scrambled to clear streets of snow and fallen trees.

Ryan Lee doesn't live on Warren Street in southwest Eugene, but he was on his way to work and spotted a fallen tree.

"I was first on the scene so I started cutting and luckily the city guys showed up and they'll finish up the messy work now."

Lee told KVAL News it's all about pitching in during an emergency.

"It of course brings a sense of community and a sense of just wanting to make sure that other
people are taken care of

Near the fallen tree, an Orange County, Calif., transplant who has live in Eugene less than a year just looked at the snow in amazement.

"I'm originally from Southern California, so this is completely new to me," said Al Nawrocki.

This is not the run-up to Spring Break that students were banking on in the Willamette Valley, but City of Eugene crews were ready for the worst.

Along with sanders and snow plow rigs, Eugene Public Works had 13 tree crews on assignment for the streets.

Officials said a busy day for Eugene Public Works usually means 80 phone calls to their center. By late Wednesday afternoon, they had racked up more than 500 calls for help.

In the Lane County area, Orin Schumacher was a busy guy on the 2-way radio. "Have you made that turnaround on Briggs Hill, working back on that east lane?" Schumacher asked his snowplow driver on Gimpl Hill Road.

He told KVAL News he's ready for the real spring to show up.

"You know, any more birds chirping and visions of a beach is what I'm looking for right now."

At the other end of the spectrum: "I love it - everything stopped. Can't go anywhere. Ha," said Eliza Roaring Springs of Crest Drive. "We've gotten more than this, but not in March."