Icon from 'Animal House' going back to future

DEXTER, Ore. - Gregg Stewart filled in on bass with the live band at the Dexter Lake Club when he was 13 years old in 1977, the same year "Animal House" filmed a scene at the club.

He earned $33 for the 3-night gig.

"The Dexter Lake Club has always occupied a very special place in my heart," Stewart wrote in a post on Facebook, "and over the years when I would pass by, I'd smile and my heart would warm seeing that old sign still lighting up the night sky."

Now Stewart and his wife Shannon own the club halfway between Eugene and Oakridge on Highway 58.

"Both of them along with so many close family and friends all over Oregon and Washington have been cleaning, remodeling, painting and are excited to light up that iconic sign once again!" daughter Randi-Rae Barrett wrote in a story on KVAL YouNews. "It's been a labor of love for everyone involved."

Stewart thinks the club will have appeal for both locals, travelers and visitors, including movie buffs who will find the zebra-strip backdrop from "Animal House" recreate in detail.

"It has passed through a lot of hands over the years at the mercy of each new occupant's spin, ideas, dcor preferences and management style," Stewart wrote. "Fortunately, the last owner saw the old, beat down building as it used to be and restored it as close as he could to its former glory.

"To me, this 62 year old building is the epitome of Roadhouse Americana. Hanging out on Saturday night, singing along as the band plays some great tunes, laugh with your friends and tease your bar waitress," he wrote on the club's Facebook page. "We're proud and privileged to be the new stewards of The Dexter Lake Club and play a part in its resurrection as an American icon."