'I think every student at one point has cheated'

EUGENE, Ore. - Harvard University said 42 percent of the Ivy League school's incoming freshman admitted to cheating on homework assignments in hgih school.

Harvard students aren't alone.

"I would say yeah, I cheated in high school," said Collin Smith, a senior at the University of Oregon. "I think every student at one point has cheated."

Smith said while a college syllabus might clearly outline the cheating policy, he said he doesn't remember it being as clear in high school. "Cheating could just be like, yeah are you working with someone when you're supposed to do it on your own, or copying or anything like that. So I think yeah, it depends on how you view cheating."

South Eugene High School's parent-student handbook clearly states if you copy someone else's assignment or test, or if they copy yours, that those are examples of "academic dishonesty."

Another finding from Harvard's survey: Students said they cheated because they thought everybody was doing it.

Clair Sappingfield, a UO junior, said some college students cheat because of the pressue to succeed.

"The amount of work that you have to do in a day, students are willing to cheat because going to college is on the line," she said.