'I started kicking, fighting, hitting - anything I could do'

LEBANON, Ore. - Next time, Leslie Hall says she'll think twice about giving people she barely knows a ride home.

Hall and a friend stopped to give a ride to a woman who claimed to be lost Tuesday.

The woman she helped - 21-year-old Larissa Charles - led Hall to Cyrus Road in the Knox Butte area northeast of Albany.

"And then she sees the truck," Hall said, "and she says, 'Why don't you pull over here? I'll ask directions'."

Hall told deputies that when she stopped her car behind the pickup, Charles suddenly picked up the victim's purse and told her, in Hall's words: "You're being robbed."

"And I said what? I said no, I'm not," Hall said.

That's when the 2 men in the pickup approached Hall and her friend with guns in their hands.

"He was grabbing through the window, trying to grab at me," Hall said. "And I started kicking, fighting, hitting - anything I could do to keep my mom's car. I just wanted to keep my mom's car, because that's all I've got left."

Hall said her mother-in-law died less than 2 months ago.

Hall and her friend managed to speed off and call 911.

Charles was arrested Wednesday along with alleged accomplices James Harris and Martin Wilson, all from Lebanon. All 3 face robbery charges.

The robbery survivor hopes justice will prevail.

"Now she's going way down there and she deserves every bit of it, every bit of it," she said. "I hope those other 2 rot in jail, to be honest."