'I remember saying no throughout the whole thing'

EUGENE, Ore. - Three Duck basketball players named in a police report on an alleged sexual assault are not currently participating in team activities, the University of Oregon said Monday.

Police investigated the allegations against Brandon Austin, Damyean Dotson and Dominic Artis in March.

The heavily redacted copy of the report came to light Monday, several weeks after prosecutors declined to press charges.

"While there is no doubt the incidents occured, the conflicting statements and actions by the victim make this case unprovable as a criminal case," according to the district attorney's office.

The police report details police interviews with the woman and the three men.

The woman told police the men sexually assaulted her in the bathroom at a party Saturday, March 8, or early Sunday, March 9.

"We were all drunk and it got a little bit out of hand," she told police. "I remember saying no throughout the whole thing."

She described a confusing scene in the street later outside the party, where she got in a taxi with the men and traveled to their apartment.

There, she said the unwanted sexual contact continued.

"I think I just gave up. I let them do whatever they wanted. I just wanted it to be over to go to sleep," she told police.

The men stopped when she started to cry.

The woman spent the night at the apartment before taking a taxi home.

Police also interviewed Artis and Dotson. Austin retained an attorney before agreeing to an interview with police.

The men described a similar scenario but described the sexual contact as consensual.

The woman also recorded phone conversations she had with Artis and Dotson more than a week later.

The woman "told Artis she did not like what happened, and told Artis she was taken advantage of," according to a synopsis of the calls. She "said she has heard this has happened to other girls. Artis said he regretted the situation, and could understand why she felt like she was taken advantage of, given what she remembered of the situation."

Dotson "told her that at no point did she ever mention saying she did not want to do what they were doing." The woman asked "if he remembered her saying she did not want to continue. Dotson said he did not, except when she said she wanted to stop when they were back at his apartment, and they did stop."