'I hope my neighbors would do the same for me'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Ted Lyke's wife told him "Bob's house is on fire."

Lyke grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran to his neighbor's backyard.

He made sure no one was in the home, then hit the fire with the extinguisher.

Then he grabbed a hose with a bronze nossle and had a neighbor hook it up.

"I went back at a safe distance and started to hose down the area," Lyke said. "The fire department had not arrived yet."

When the fire department arrived at the SE Park Avenue home, they found smoke - and flames. They brought the fire under control in 15 minutes.

Fire damage was mostly contained to the deck and back side of the house, the fire department said.

The cause of the fire appears to be connected with the use of an electric smoker that was in use for several hours on the back deck, the fire department said.

The residents will not be able to reoccupy the structure at present and the American Red Cross was contacted to provide aid to the family.