'I haven't seen anything like it': Local fans react to Seahawks call

EUGENE, Ore. - It's the play being watched around the world.

A last minute attempt at a touchdown Monday night for the Seattle Seahawks and a controversial call by the refs has left football fans asking did that really just happen?

"It was like the world was on the brink of disaster over one play, in one football game on a Monday night," said KUGN radio host Steve Tannen.

Tannen said he's never seen such a bad NFL call.

"That was the true embarrassment, that they broke the basic Pop Warner league rules of officiating," he said.

He and many fans on both sides of the game agree, it came down to the NFL's decision to keep using replacement refs in their games.

"Front and center is the perfect storm of their (NFL) nightmare. They thought that they would skate through with these replacement refs and maybe continue their negotiations," he said. "Then on their biggest night, national TV, one game, everybody watching, it all came to pass."

Whether you're a Seahawks fan, Packers fan, or not even a fan at all, it seems everyone had an opinion on this game.

"I didn't think it was a touchdown," said Seahawks fan Austin Luher. "It should have been an interception I think."

"The replacement refs aren't cutting it and I don't think it's their fault, I think it's the leadership and the owners," said NFL fan Ian Campbell.

But Lane County Football Ref Andy Vobora said fans shouldn't be so hard on the replacement refs, many of whom he said aren't used to games on this scale.

"For these guys, being at a small college level and stepping up to the NFL, it's a difficult transition to make," he said. "Just the crowd noise, the speed of the athletes."

He said, they also face a lot of pressure on the field that fans don't see.

"When you're on the field of play and how fast those situations are happening, you don't have the luxury of looking at something in super slow motion."

Still that isn't stopping NFL fans from complaining, or rejoicing if you're a Seahawks fan, on the Internet.

"The way this has taken over like I said, via Twitter or Facebook, I haven't seen anything like this since Osama Bin Laden got killed," said Tannen.

Now just one question remains, where are those refs from Monday night now?

Tannen has a pretty good idea.

"They are in witness protection I'm sure they're in New Mexico somewhere."