I Have a Dream: 'It's made a tremendous impact'

EUGENE, Ore. - Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. shared his dream with the world.

"50 years feels like a long time for someone who's 18 or 19 years old," said David Spencer, a University of Oregon student. "They can't even picture that type of time frame."

But many can remember the time vividly.

"We used to have to drive across the country, and there were 'no color' accommodations. So you had to sleep in your car," said Becky L. Wilson-Smith of Eugene.

The March on Washington and MLK's "I Have a Dream" speach helped spark a change of thinking

"When he said 'I had a dream that my little children,' I said, yeah, why can't his children do what I do," recalled Susan Olsen of Eugene. "It's made a tremendous impact. All my life, it's made a tremendous impact."