'I felt that a truth I had was not being told'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A woman who claims she was at a house party the night another woman alleges three University of Oregon basketball players raped her is calling the victim's report into question. She's sharing her version of what happened that night because she says she wants the truth to come out.

Kelsey Alston told KATU News she first met the victim in early March at the party. Alston said she's friends with some of the victim's friends. She also said she's acquaintances with the three players the victim has accused of rape: Brandon Austin, Damyean Dotson and Dominic Artis.

Eugene police released a report about the alleged incident on Monday after the district attorney declined to file charges against any of the players.

Alston said she saw the victim in the bathroom with Austin and Dotson. She said the victim went in there with them willingly. She also said the victim didn't appear drunk; the victim told police she was highly intoxicated.

"I went to go into the bathroom and that's when I opened the door and Damyean (Dotson) was sitting on the toilet fully clothed. Brandon Austin was standing up against the wall fully clothed. And the alleged victim was standing by the door fully clothed. When I walked in it was no scramble to stop anything. They were just standing and it looked like they were just talking. She did not look like she was under duress," Alston said.

"I playfully went to kiss her and I was a little bit overly playful and she got uncomfortable with me. And this is where her statement of events differs from my witness of events because she said that someone came in the bathroom and she left and Dotson chased her down the hall. And, what happened was I came in the bathroom and she got uncomfortable and ran from me," explained Alston.

Alston admits she didn't see what happened behind closed doors. She also didn't see the victim again until after the victim left the house with the players.

She told KATU News police never interviewed her. She believes that's because the issue isn't whether the victim and the players had sex. It's did the victim give consent?

"I would never have spoken out on either side unless I felt that a truth I had was not being told. Specifically when I read the police report, I noticed that is not true," Alston said.

The university is keeping tight-lipped about how it is handling the case now. The district attorney announced earlier this week he doesn't plan to file criminal charges against Austin, Dotson, or Artis.

All that is publicly known is the players in question, according to a university spokeswoman, "are no longer participating in basketball activities."

Meanwhile, about 200 students angered by the University of Oregon's handling of rape allegations against three basketball players marched on campus Thursday, shouting slogans like "survivors over sports" and "we want answers."

"I know too many people that this has been a problem for - you know, friends and family members - who've had to deal with this and deal with this same situation of people not listening and then rape culture in general needs to be fought," said student Matika Levy, who took part in the march from Hendricks Hall to Johnson Hall. "I think if we have a student gathering saying 'we are all here' it'll help the survivors maybe feel like she's not alone."

After a silent march across campus, a couple hundred students gathered outside Johnson Hall and chanted, asking why one of the alleged rapists, Brandon Austin, was allowed to come to the UO in the first place after he was investigated for a similar crime at his last school in Rhode Island.

The protesters took their chants inside the building and that drew administrators out. After the administrators said they would look into the students' concerns, the crowd dispersed.