'I don't think I would ever stop at a rest stop alone'

HARRISBURG, Ore. - An estimated 36,000 cars drive by the Oak Grove Rest Area on Interstate 5 north of Eugene each day.

Rest areas give drivers a chance to stay safe on the road by taking a break.

After a Salem woman says she was attacked in broad daylight at an I-5 rest area outside Wilsonville on Friday, some drivers are worried about their own safety.

"I don't stop if I can help it," Francis Woolward of Lebanon said. "I am 90 years old - you never know what can happen."

"I don't think I would ever stop at a rest stop alone, by myself or just with me and my two kids," said Amberose Wolfstrum of Roseburg.

"I had somebody sort of suspicious looking come at me one time," said tourist Joe Exum. "It was not a comfortable feeling."

The Oregon Department of Transportation sais there isn't much crime at rest areas near Eugene but offers safety tips just in case.

"Avoid walking in unlighted or isolated areas," said Maggie MacGregor with Oregon Travel Experience. If you're followed, "shout, scream for help as loud as you can."