'I didn't think he was the kind of kid who would do that'

EUGENE, Ore. -- The college football star whose name is in national headlines for a high-profile rape trial spent a lot of time at Sheldon High School.

Jordan Johnson, 20, attended the school just a few years ago before going on to become a football star at the University of Montana.

On Friday a jury found him not guilty of rape charges. A young woman claimed Johnson forced himself on her, although Johnson maintains the sex was consensual.

Many around the Sheldon High School area say they know Jordan Johnson's family and are relieved to hear the not-guilty verdict.

"I'm happy to hear that," said Dennis Green, "I didn't think he was the kind of kid who would do that kind of thing."

Another parent of a Sheldon High School student who knew Jordan says she's glad the trial is finally over, and can't imagine what his family has had to go through both emotionally and financially.