'I couldn't imagine going through what he's going through'

EUGENE, Ore. - Imagine breaking this news to your child:

You need to have half of your brain removed.

Then imagine being that child.

"I couldn't imagine going through what he's going through," said Adam Furney, step uncle to 11-year-old James Dahl. "What the doctors did is just amazing."

Dahl has Rasmussen's encephalitits, a neurological disease that triggers dozens of seizures a day.

"He was normal, functioning," Furney said, "and then all of a sudden collapse - and I know it scared a lot of his classmates."

Furney said since Dahl had radical surgery to remove the right half of his brain, his nephew hasn't had a single seizure.

He's recovering at a children's hospital in Los Angeles with his parents by his side.

"It's been tough for Mark and Stephanie," Furney said. "They've had to miss a lot of work.

"This is just to help them get by."

Furney is holding a fundraiser this Friday night at Sam's Place, 825 Wilson Street in Eugene.

All of his wages and tips from Friday night will help the family.

"When this happens to a young child," he said, "it brings the people together, and he deserves every little bit he's getting."

You can also donate to the family through under "James Dahl."