'I can't imagine teaching with just the basics given to me'

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EUGENE, Ore. - Teachers across America are spending money out of their own paycheck to make sure their students have the supplies they need.

One of those teachers is Allison Kreider. She teaches 3rd grade at Howard Elementary School in the Eugene 4J School District.

She said the district gives all teachers a $250 allowance. With a class of around 27 students, that works out to less than $10 per student.

Krieder said her strategy resembles the show "Exteme Couponing." She knows where the deals are, how to get discounts and how to get partially reimbursed come tax time.
Even then, Krieder said she spends more than $1,000 of her own money to get the supplies, iPad app subscriptions, technology and other resources to her classroom.

"I can't imagine teaching with just the basics given to me without my own investment," Krieder said.

Krieder said there is a difference between what the district will provide and what parents are expected to buy - and that teachers pay for the rest.

"We have a uniform supplies list that covers the basics of what each grade is covering, but every teacher teaches a different way," she said, explaining why the basic supplies list isn't enough to take care of a students year round needs.