'I can't imagine not being able to take my placenta home'

EUGENE, Ore. - The Oregon legislature passed a bill that would permit hospitals to allow new mothers to take home their placenta.

For some women it is a tradition to plant their placenta under a tree. Others believe it has healing properties and consume it.

"Post partum blues or depression is one of the main things women choose to use their placenta medicine for because the placenta is chalked full of hormones it can really ease that intense drop," said Darby Partner, a certified professional midwife said.

Partner said she has seen the number of women using the placenta increasing. She turns the organ into pills through a process of steaming, dehydrating and finally grinding it into a powder.

"I had one woman who called her capsules her super woman pills," Darby said.

Nancy Halseide said she is happy the bill passed and is on its way to becoming law.

"I can't imagine not being able to take my placenta home from the hospital you know some women would feel like they are leaving part of their baby there," Halseide said.

Halseide teaches birth education classes in Eugene. She said reaction in her class is mixed when she brings up the health benefits of the placenta. She said it is an alternative medicine for women who are breast feeding.

"It's definetly a benefit when they hear about post partum depression because if a woman has experienced that in their first birth they know what a nightmare that is," Halseide said.