Hurt while walking and talking: 'Sometimes it's fractures, broken teeth'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A study found that most people have a hard time paying attention to their surroundings while they are using cell phones.

Ohio state university researchers collected information on cell-phone related emergency room visits.

They found that injuries from walking while using a cell phone have more than doubled from 2004 to 2010. The cell phone injury study also found that calling and texting while walking causes more injuries than distracted driving.

Urgent Care Dr. Warren Griffith at Peacehealth said he sees injuries from walking and talking every few days.

"It's a fairly significant issue, really. Sometimes it's very simple, it's just a scuffed knee or a hand," said Dr. Griffith. "Sometimes it's fractures of the wrists and forearms, broken teeth, broken nose, significant lacerations to the face, broken jaw, broken knee caps"

The study found that the majority of injuries happened to people under 31 years old, and men are injured more often than women.

Almost 70 percent of the injuries reported were from talking on the phone, while just 10 percent were from texting, the report said.

To discourage these types of accidents police officers in a small town in New Jersey issue $85 jaywalking tickets to people who are caught texting while walking.