Hunting season effected by smoky conditions

File photo (WLUK/Scott Hurley)

EUGENE, Ore. - With fall on the way, smoke in the area is causing a problem for hunting season.

One local store says business has been slow since the smoke started coming in.

Les Franck has been working at Coastal for eight years, and he has been hunting since he was a child.

He says the smoke doesn't stop him, but business has been slow since the heavy smoke.

Franck says there's always a way to protect yourself if you do choose to hunt in the smoky weather.

Alex Gray, a customer at Coastal, says smoke or no smoke, as long as they're away from the fires, he's all game.

If you plan on shooting or hunting, visibility plays a big role with the smoke.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to remind everyone partaking to make sure they wear their hunter's orange.

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