Human skull found under mobile home

UPDATE: Oregon State Police have found more bones in the area where the human skull was found. More information can be found here.

See photos of the scene here.

Here is the original story from Monday:

PORT ORFORD, Ore.-- The owners of a trailer park in Port Orford found a human skull underneath a trailer they were moving on Monday.

Port Orford Police Chief Marvin Combs said the discovery of the remains has led to a death investigation of the area.

"We don't know what we have right now," Combs said. "This is just a death investigation right now. We aren't calling it a crime scene because we don't know if the skull is here because of a crime, or if any foul play was involved at all. Right now it's just a death investigation."

Combs said the trailer had been removed from the property and had been taken away for investigation. Police kept an eye on the trailer and the trailer's former location through the night to make sure it was undisturbed for crime scene investigators.

Combs said there is a chance they could find the rest of the body the skull belonged to and will be able to investigate if anything criminal took place.

"Basically we've got the crime lab from OSP coming in," Combs said. "They're going to be looking at the area and see if they can find anymore parts of a body there or not"

No specifics are being released at this time. KCBY News has been asked not to reveal the exact location of the scene until Tuesday afternoon. Combs said he doesn't want a suspect to hear the specifics, fear arrest and leave the area.

More information is expected to be out Tuesday afternoon.