House fire in south Eugene: 'Flames were shootin' out the windows'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A south Eugene home was engulfed in flames early Sunday morning.

Neighbor Cevin White called in the fire just after 3 a.m. Sunday after he says he was woken up by a series of crashes coming from 2555 Van Buren Street.

More than five fire trucks arrived to help douse the fire that had erupted from inside the home.

Doug Martin lives next to the now-torched house and recalls the seconds after seeing his neighbor's home engulfed in flames.

"One of our neighbors came banging on our door saying the next door neighbor's house was on fire and we ran out here and flames were shootin' out the windows. We pulled our cars onto the, onto the street so they wouldn't catch fire," said Martin.

As the fire investigation is still open, Eugene-Springfield Battalion Chief Lance Lighty is not allowed to comment on the cause.