House bill calls for tougher hit-and-run penalties

SALEM, Ore. -- The Oregon legislature will consider a bill aimed at making penalties harsher for drivers convicted of injury hit-and-run crashes.

House Bill 2542 would take away the driver's license for three years of anyone convicted of leaving the scene in serious injury crashes.

Currently state law says drivers convicted of serious injury hit-and-run will lose their license for a year. That penalty jumps to five years if the driver kills someone in the crash.

The Oregon-based pedestrian advocacy group "Oregon Walks" wants that to change.

As Steph Routh of Oregon Walks points out, those injuries from hit-and-runs could be as serious as a coma.

"Regardless of whether it's a fatality or a serious injury, that the action that brought us there is not so different," said Routh "Therefore the penalty should not be different.".

The three-year revocation would begin after a convicted driver serves their time behind bars.