Hostess closes after 82 years: 'I'm really shocked'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Hostess, the makers of Ho-Ho's, Twinkies, Wonderbread and many other delectable baked goods filed for bankruptcy in January. On Friday officials announced that Hostess will be going out of business.

Treats from the iconic brand have been a staple inside lunchboxes for over 80 years. Local-resident Debbie Barbour said she was shocked that they have been around as long as they have been.

"There's all the jokes about Twinkies, that they will be in this world long after we all are. I'm really shocked" Barbour said.

Unlike the 'Twinkies last forever' jokes, the bankruptcy announcement from Hostess and limited availability of snacks has people stocking up while supplies last.

Local residents like Robertson said that life will be different without the childhood favorite.

Hostess announced that the liquidation of the company would mean most of its 18,500 employees would lose their jobs. However its the thought of losing the sweet snacks that has many people saddened.

"I'm kinda sad... it's kind of an important snack food. Being a teenager we eat that kind of stuff all the time." said Chase Robertson.

"I remember the commercials on Saturday Morning Cartoons and in my lunchbox at school before going out on the playground." said Chris Kammeyer.

Hostess said that it will try and sell its assets to the highest bidders.