Honor Flight receives a surprise welcome home

Bagpipe players and a cheering crowd greeted the Honor Flight veterans when they landed in Portland. The group spent the weekend visiting monuments in Washington D.C. Image cut from SBG footage

EUGENE, Ore. - Veterans of World War II and the Korean War returned to Oregon Sunday night after a weekend trip to Washington D.C. on an Honor Flight to see historic memorials.

The local veterans were greeted by thunderous applause, bagpipe music and hundreds of people thanking them for their service and welcoming them home.

"This is awesome, absolutely awesome. You can't be prepared for this. This is just amazing what they do," said Van Vanregenmorter, an army veteran.

"It makes you feel very patriotic. In love with this country to see these people," said Gloria Galvin, an air force veteran.

From airports to the memorials in Washington D.C., from young and old alike, the veterans received a warm welcome everywhere they went on the Honor Flight trip. The guardians who joined the group said they felt it to.

"It feels good to be home. This is a really, really good welcome. I just appreciate all these people come out and welcome these veterans," said dale Blanshan, an Honor Flight guardian.

"I feel humble. This is fantastic. I never, ever thought we'd be greeted this way," Vanregenmorter said.

It was a surprise ending to an emotional trip for the American heroes.

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