Homeowner tired of cars crashing into her property

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - An 80 mph car chase that lasted 1 minute last month left lasting damage to Jennifer Sylte Rose's property.


That wasn't the first time a car crashed onto her property near the roundabout at 58th Street and Thurston Road.

Rose said it's happened 5 times since she's owned the property. She blames the combination of the roundabout with fast and reckless drivers.

And she's frustrated the City of Springfield won't help solve the problem.

"I also asked for a rail, especially on my corner since I'm the one getting hit, and none of the other corners are. They said no to that. I've asked for speed bumps, they've said no to that," Rose said. "They don't have any suggestions for me. They said they would put more police patrol out here. I still haven't seen anybody."

"It's only a matter of time before something major is really going to happen - and then what?" asked Darrell Campbell, Rose's boyfriend.

Niel Laudati with the City of Springfield said the city has a record of two of those instances: the September 19, 2013, car chase, and an October 2012 DUI crash.

In that case, the car went off the road, hit two trees and smashed the fence. The repairs cost thousands, Rose said.

The City is still looking at what it could do to help.

"Better signage to slow people down and we'll look at trees in that area to help protect the fence," Laudati said, "but this is really a slow traffic area.

"There hasn't been a lot of accidents in that area, much fewer than when it was an intersection with a stop sign," Laudati said. "Pedestrian safety has gone way up in that intersection, and traffic accidents have gone down."

In addition to the two crashes on record with the City, Rose said cars have also jumped the curb and hit her fence and mailbox. She now uses a Post Office box instead.