Homeless rest stop established in West Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. -- Back in October the city council approved opening up two homeless rest stops in Eugene. One of the sites placed at Roosevelt and Garfield Streets in West Eugene is getting ready to open its gates to homeless campers.

Homeless woman Tzedakah Bat Eliyah had been camping at the Whoville camp, which had been relocated from North Eugene to a vacant lot at Hilyard and Franklin Blvd.

While she's only been camping at the location for a short time, she says the new homeless site in West Eugene could pull apart the community she's become familiar with.

"It feels like people are just being shoved into the outer most parts, so that they can be forgotten," said Eliyah. "Here are two parcels of property that are going to accommodate at best 30 human beings, we solved the problem, now Whoville up and move."

Others at the Whoville camp, like Paul Cooper, are happy to see the homeless rest stops opening up.

"As long as I have some help moving my rig, yeah, I'm all for that," said Cooper.

On Friday night the city-owned property will house its first campers, who were assigned managers for the site. They'll stay in conestoga huts placed on the properties and organize the homeless rest stop, which will likely open to other homeless in January.

There will be rules and regulations once the sites officially open, like campers must volunteer 6 hours a week.

"Some disabled people are simply not going to be able to work, they're not going to be able to get up every morning at 6 o' clock," said Eliyah.

Other rules include mandatory weekly showers and hopping on provided shuttles to do laundry.