Homeless camps around the corner? City looks for locations

EUGENE, Ore. -- As a solution to some of the costs associated with Eugene's homeless population, city officials are looking for places to set up camps around town.

A few of the 20 parks, fields and open spaces city councilors are considering for the camps are inside residential areas.

City councilor George Polling said the camps would only be open to displaced persons from dusk 'til dawn and provide a solution to the city's spending on the pervasive homelessness around the city.

"Do we keep spending $300,000 to clean up after these people, or do we try something new?" Polling said.

Nicole Miles, who lives near one of the possible sites off of River Road said she hopes the city finds places outside of neighborhoods.

"I think it's a nightmare absolutely a nightmare. This is a family neighborhood we have children who play out here all day - every day," Miles said.

Councilor Poling agrees that neighborhoods are not the place, saying he wants to take five of the sites near homes and schools off the list.

"The people that say 'I don't want them in my backyard' so to speak I can understand that and we have to respect all views," said Polling.

The city will discuss the issue again July 10 before holding a public hearing.