Homeless campers march on City Hall

EUGENE, Ore. - Police cited people at the Whoville camp on Broadway and Hilyard last Friday night.

On Monday morning, the homeless campers marched to Mayor Kitty Piercy's office.

The organizers - who identify as being from Whoville, not the SLEEPS protest - want to know why the City Council has not picked a spot for legal "rest stop" campsites. The Council endorsed the idea three weeks ago.

"We can work together over the winter and into next spring, you know, letting these Whovilles become reality and also educating each other on the issues of homelessness taking place her in Eugene," said Tin Man, a camp organizer.

Tin Man said the City of Eugene issued 7 citations for illegal camping on Friday evening.

Campers feel the city has been slow in deciding what sites are best to allow legal homeless campers.

Tin Man and three others from the group met with Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy this morning to express their concerns and seek a "middle ground."

Piercy said the city hopes to make a decision about the campsite in the next 30 days.