Home brew rally starts beer week: 'The perfect blend of art and science'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Some of the best local breweries started out with beer lovers pioneering new tastes and styles from their homes.

The American Homebrewers Association hosted a rally at Falling Sky on Sunday to kick off Eugene Beer Week with a celebration for those who make their own ales in their kitchens and garages.

Denny Conn, a member of the association said backyard brewers play an important role in propelling the quality, taste and variety within the beer industry.

"A lot of the breweries we see here in Eugene, the brewers started as homebrewers," said Conn.

Falling Sky Brewery is a product of local small-batch brewing. Co-founder Jason Carriere says part of the innovation at local breweries comes from taking risks. Home brewers can be creative with their beers because they brew on a smaller scale.

"It was the perfect blend of art and science," Carriere said. "Most people who work in a brewery started out as homebrewers."

Part of the American Homebrewers Association rally was to encourage people to take the hops into their own hands and create their own beverages.

"If you're idea of the best beer in the world is Bud Light, then probably home brewing is not gonna be for you," Conn said.

Monday is the official start of Eugene's Beer Week, with events scheduled at breweries and restaurants around town.