Historic church spared from demolition by fire

EUGENE, Ore. - A historic church that faced possible demolition by fire is on the move to a new location.

A heavy truck moved the 110,000 pound church 2 miles on Tuesday.

The building will make the final 1-mile move to a new location on Wednesday.

The church was no longer in use by the Sonrise Christian Church.

The Save the Sonrise Chapel Foundation raised the money to move the building to the grounds of Nature Discovery Christian School, about 3 miles away. Matt Hennon with the school said they will use the building as a chapel for students at the school.

The building has been moved at least once and possibly twice before.

The building was moved from Prairie Road to Irvington Drive in 1982.

The building may have been moved to that location in the late 19th century.

In the "History of the Irving Christian Church," as cited by the Pioneer History to About 1900 website, the congregation made reference to moving a church building from Clear Lake to the Irving area, now part of north Eugene, in 1899.